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AC Installation in Plano

No one is arguing with the fact that it’s hot in Plano. With temperatures consistently over 90°F from May to October, people here definitely don’t need another reason to get AC. And we’re not going to try to convince you. It’s hot. You need air conditioning to live here.

While some air conditioning units are easy to install yourself, others take a lot more technical know-how. At Solid As A Rock Air Conditioning & Heating, we offer expert AC installation services for residents and business owners of Plano. All our technicians have gone through extensive educational and on the job training. With years of experience and successful projects behind us, you can rest assured you’re getting an efficient AC unit installed properly, the first time.

Wall-Mounted AC Unit Installation

Wall-mounted AC units are among the most popular products that we install. They are an affordable way to have consistent climate control in your Plano home. And if you live in an apartment or condo, the size of wall air conditioners is an attractive bonus. There’s no need to construct a complicated ventilation system with air ducts. They’re quickly becoming more popular than the classic window unit because of their higher energy efficiency, greater cooling power, and lower sound.

Our wall-mounted AC units have two basic components. One is the condenser which our technicians will install outside. The condenser is attached to the evaporator which we install conveniently on a wall in your home. Our AC units are compact enough that even while running at full power, most clients tell us they forget it’s even there.

Central Air Conditioning Installation

Like the wall-mounted unit, central air conditioning systems are composed of two basic components: the condenser which takes in hot air from outside and the evaporator which is installed in the home. The big difference is that central air conditioning systems need to be built into an air duct network in your home. For this reason, central AC units tend to be more expensive to install. They simply take more work and can only be installed by a certified HVAC professional.

There are many advantages of central air. First and foremost is the fact that, because the evaporator is installed into a system of air ducts, the cool air can be distributed evenly around your home. That means greater climate control and lower overall humidity. Even basements that are typically damp and musty, will be dried out with a central AC unit. Add to this the fact the AC unit will help filter the air and you’ve got the ideal air system.

Certified Technicians With Years of Experience

In order to take full advantage of these benefits, it’s important to have a certified HVAC specialist do the installation. The same goes for any future maintenance after the installation. Like any machine, AC units require periodic tuning, so they can continue to work at optimal levels. The technicians at Solid As A Rock Air Conditioning & Heating will not only install your unit, they’ll also keep it up-to-date and tuned for maximum efficiency. This will save you money and allow you to live in the comfort of climate-controlled air.